Reviewer Guidelines

To help the reviewer, there are directions that can be used as a reference in reviewing journal articles. This direction is referenced from


Create an Article Summary

Reviewers begin by summarizing the article in their own language. Summarize the entire text from the manuscript to the conclusions of the study. Give the context of how this research fits in the existing literature. Then the reviewer provides the strengths and weaknesses of the article and provides your overall recommendations for the text.


Major and Minor Issues

To make the script more processed, the reviewer needs to pay attention to major issues and minor issues. Regarding major issues, the reviewer's focus is on what is important for the current study, not the next step in research. Put this on the list and be as specific as possible.

Then the reviewer also needs to pay attention to additional things to develop the text. This is classified into minor issues and does not affect the final conclusions of the manuscript.


Additional Points

In addition, reviewers can add comments for editors and this is kept secret from the author. Comments can contain any concerns about the text that needs to be considered further by the editor, such as about the ethics of writing. Reviewers only express concern about the text, but do not make this secret comment as the conclusion of all criticism. In addition, let the editor know if you are still willing to view the revised edition of the article.