The Relationship Between Old And New Testament: A Study On Contemporary Debate Of Methodology Of The Old Testament Theology

Made Astika


From the beginning of the discipline, biblical theologians have differed in their
understandings of an accredited basis, task, and method for doing biblical theology.
In accordance with the existing problems, the purpose of writing this paper are:
In accordance with the existingproblems, the main motive and purposes of writing this
research are: First of all, to show the continuity of the relation between the Old
Testament and New Testament. Secondly, to explain methodology in doing Old
Testament Theology through the investigation of historical and biblical
understanding. Finally, to call and challenge every leader and church congregation
together to analyze methodology of biblical theology in order to develop the proper
methodology in doing Old Testament Theology.
The conclutions are: The relationship between the Old Covenant and the New
can be presented as follows: God has only one covenant of grace, and only one eternal
people - in which a person obtains a share through faith in Christ alone, the Covenant
Head and the Adam of the new humanity. Herein lies the unity of God's eternal plan of
salvation, and of the Word as His special revelation to man. It must be put in mind that
the God of the Old Testament is also the God of the New Testament. It should be clear
that the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is the same God who created man and
woman, who established marriage, and who redeemed Israel through the Exodus,
foreshadowing the redemption of believers through Christ. The Lord Jesus’ concept of
God as Father contained a truth not characteristic of the Old Testament, but yet not
negating any Old Testament teaching about God.


Relationship, Methodology, Old Testament Theology

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