Doctrine of Trinity: A Theological Approach of Evidence of The Trinity in The New Testament

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The doctrine of the Trinity has been a divisive issue throughout
the entire history of the Christian church. While the core aspects of the
Trinity are clearly presented in God’s Word, some of the side issues are
not as explicitly clear. The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy
Spirit is God—but there is only one God. That is the biblical doctrine of
the Trinity. Beyond that, the issues are, to a certain extent, debatable and
non-essential. Rather than attempting to fully define the Trinity with
our finite human minds, we would be better served by focusing on the
fact of God's greatness and His infinitely higher nature.

From the Second Century to our present age many people have
found the biblical doctrine of the Trinity hard to understand. Someone
has said of this doctrine: “Try to explain it, and you’ll lose your mind; but
try to deny it, you’ll lose your soul.


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